Keeping in view the vision of the college, our teaching strategy encourages excellence in academics which contributes to excellence in learning and teaching and enhances the institutions contributing to the local, regional and wider communities.

  • To impart the quality education which has the holistic application in the totality of life.
  • To produce graduates capable of responding the challenges of life in every possible way.
  • To provide value based learning that has for greater relevance in a dynamic and ever changing working environment..
  • To empower the students and enable them to rise above all constraints. .
  • Principal Message

    GDC has been established to provide quality and standard academic qualification at the door steps. Over the years the college has become a catalyst in the educational development of not only the landlocked area but for the entire region. The college has been endeavoring to inculcate the qualities of discipline, hard work and intelligence among the students for their overall personality development and academic excellence so that in their future life they become good and successful citizens and contribute in a constructive manner to overall development of the country and society.

    College Staff