Academic Calendar 2017-18

 The Academic session starts from 16th of July 2017. There will be 10days winter vacations from 26th December to 4th of January and 45 days summer vacations from 1st June to 15th of July, three Diwali  holidays and three Holi holidays as per Govt. Order No. 95-HE of 2007.
Academic Calendar under Semester System (CBSC)


              Admission to Odd Semester

Dated:-21-06-2017 to 10-07-2017 without late Fee and thereafter with prescribed late Fee upto14-07-2017 to 23-07-2017 subject to the availability of seats


Class work of Odd Semesters

24th of July to 31st October


Examination of Odd Semesters

2nd Week  of November


Class work of Even Semesters

1st week of December to 31st March


Examination of Even Semesters

2nd week of April onwards

College Activity Calender 2017-18




Summer Break

  1. Admission process of B.A. 1ST, 3RD AND 5TH Semester
  2. Academic Counseling and helpline services
  3. International Yoga Day 21st June of every year


  1. Admission process continuous
  2. Orientation programme for 1st semester students
  3. Career Counseling


  1. Talent Hunt for Literary Art and Craft and Cultural activities
  2. Faculty Lecture
  3. Career Counseling


  1. Teacher’s Day Celebration
  2. Talent Hunt continuous
  3. Yoga and Moral Values Camp
  4. Cleanliness Drive
  5. Hindi Pakhwara


  1. Gandhi Jayanti Celebration
  2. Wildlife Week Celebration
  3. Celebration of Red Ribbon Activities
  4. Women Development Cell Activities
  5. Internal  Assessment Test
  6. Participation in Inter College Tournaments
  7. Poster Making Competition



  1. National Integration Day
  2. University Examination


  1. World’s AIDS Day
  2. Seminar/ debate/symposium on Current Topics
  3. College Picnic
  4. Educational Tour
  5. Winter Break


  1. National Youth Day
  2. Environment Week Celebration

The College has the following important committees for overall development of the students

  1. Students Counseling Cell

The goal of counseling is to achieve a better personality, adjustment and growth by stimulating the students to explore their resourses, to change their attitudes and to get a deeper knowledge of self responsibility

  1. Grievance Redressal Cell

  The institution has established a grievance cell in the college. Any person among the students or staff can lodge his /her complaint with the cell and demand appropriate redressal . The complaint registered and the Suggestion/Complaint Box are available with the convenor of the cell.

  1. Women’s Development Cell

A Women’s Development Cell has been setup in the college which enrolls students who want a deep insight to get sensitized to the women issues and to develop the entrepreneur skill.

  1. Anti- Ragging Cell

Ragging in any form in the college shall be taken as a very serious offence. If anyone found guilty , the Anti-Ragging Committee will decide the punishment as per UGC rules and regulation according to the nature and guilty of offence.
      The name of the Committee Members

  1. Prof. K.K. Mangotra ( Edu.) Convener
  2. Prof. S. Paramjeet Singh ( Eco. ) Member
  3. Dr. Mohd. Majeed ( Urdu ) Member
  4. Dr. Suneel Dutt Sharma (Dogri) Member

Prevention of Ragging and use of Cell Phone in the College

  1. Ragging in any form in the College Campus shall be taken as a very serious offence. As per the standing direction of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India the ragging in all the educational institutions is banned. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the college authorities, the college authority would expel the defaulter from the institution forth coming.
  2. No student is allowed to take/ carry the mobile phone in the college campus during working hours. In case any mobile phone is found in the possession of a student during working hours in the college campus, mobile phone will be seized.
  3. All the students will have to keep their identity card with them when they enter the college campus. The same shall be checked by the college staff/gatekeeper.





Principal Message

GDC has been established to provide quality and standard academic qualification at the door steps. Over the years the college has become a catalyst in the educational development of not only the landlocked area but for the entire region. The college has been endeavoring to inculcate the qualities of discipline, hard work and intelligence among the students for their overall personality development and academic excellence so that in their future life they become good and successful citizens and contribute in a constructive manner to overall development of the country and society.

College Staff